Private Investigators in Tinseltown

The opinion of most people is that the life of a private investigator is all glamorous, exciting, and full of risks and danger. While some times this can be true, it's not the reality of the day to day life of a P.I. in the real world. This common opinion of a private investigator comes … Continue reading Private Investigators in Tinseltown

The Cost Effective Private Investigator

When a person makes the decision to hire a private investigator, it's not something they do lightly. With all the stress behind the reasons they might need to hire a P.I., you also have to factor in another stressful issue. How much will it cost to hire a private investigator? This is the $64,000 question … Continue reading The Cost Effective Private Investigator

Is Your Teenager Skipping School?

Parent's of teenagers have a lot to worry about when it comes to trying to raise their children as best they can. Skipping school is one thing that can be very hard to monitor as parents are often at work and unable to spend time making sure their teen is getting to school on a … Continue reading Is Your Teenager Skipping School?

Schoolies And The Private Investigator

Sending your teenager to Schoolies week can be a double edge sword for any parent. The excitement of your child finishing school can quickly turn to concern when it's time to drop them off at their hotel. For those who don't know what Schoolies week is, it's an end of high school celebration for Australian teenagers who … Continue reading Schoolies And The Private Investigator

Fly Me To The Moon – Is My Partner Cheating?

In the 1964 recording of "Fly Me To The Moon", Frank Sinatra sung the lyrics: "In other words: hold my hand In other words: baby, kiss me" Although sung as a timeless love song, we fast forward to the modern day. We wonder if the person singing "hold my hand" and "kiss me" is doing … Continue reading Fly Me To The Moon – Is My Partner Cheating?