Paradise Investigations specialises in surveillance.

We have modern equipment to get the evidence you require.

We offer surveillance in many different areas.

Cheating Partners

Do you feel that your partner is not being faithful?

Concerned they are not with who they claim they are?

Are they staying faithful at a friend’s bucks or hens night?

Concerned about where they are on a night out?

Are they working longer hours than usual?

Will they behave at an out of town work conference?

There are many reasons to be suspicious of a partner. We can help get the answers you need though photographic and video evidence.

Family & Child Disputes

Is the other parent looking after your children properly the days they have custody?

Is your ex-partner playing the pokies and not paying you child support?

Is your ex-partner really working?

Is your ex-partner lying about new relationships?

Is your ex-partner’s living conditions suitable for child visits?

Through surveillance we can obtain any evidence you require to help keep your children in the best home in child custody cases.


Do you live in fear of a stalker?

Not sure if someone is hanging around your home or workplace?

Is someone going though your bins on rubbish nights?

We can conduct surveillance to determine if you have a stalker watching your home, work or social places. The police can only do so much with their resources. We can discreetly position ourself near your home or required place and monitor for your safety and find out who is harassing you.

Teenage Behavior Monitoring

What is your teenager really up to?

Are they making it to school every day?

Who are they hanging around with?

Who is their circle of friends?

Where are they really going at night?

Are they sneaking out and with whom and where?

Are they underage drinking or doing illegal drugs?

See the Paradise Investigations blog on the topic of teenagers skipping school

Schoolies Monitoring

Is your teenager heading to schoolies?

What’s happening on the balcony parties?

Don’t want to get stuck with a damage bill that was not your child’s fault?

Are they underage drinking and taking illegal drugs?

Are they safe at night?

We are able to help monitor your child at schoolies. We can offer services that monitor their behavior, safety or apartment.

See the Paradise Investigations blog on the topic of teenagers at schoolies

Missing Persons / Lost Family

Do you need a residence monitored to see who lives there?

Do you need a work place monitored?

Do you need confirmation of a person’s whereabouts?

For any number of reasons you may be looking for someone. If you need to confirm that a missing person is at an address, we can conduct surveillance to get the results.

If you are needing to confirm if a missing family member or lost parent is at an address. We can help provide answers.

General Surveillance

Paradise Investigations conducts all types of general surveillance. Contact us now and have a talk about your needs. We are available 24/7 to help you.

Surveillance – What can a Private Investigator do?

Please have a look at our video displaying some of our surveillance capabilities.