If you are having issues with a stalker or you believe someone is stalking you, then Paradise Investigations may be able to help provide the evidence you need.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that 19% of women and 7.8% of men over the age of 18 have experienced some form of stalking. It can be terrifying knowing someone may be loitering around your house, place of business, or even following you when you are out. The thought of someone monitoring your every move can ruin your life and cause unnecessary stress.

To make the matter more complicated, you need to prove someone is doing this. The police don’t have the resources to stake out your house to see if it is true. It’s simply not practical for them.

If you report a stalker to the police and wish to press charges, a court will require sufficient evidence. If your stalker does not admit to the stalking, it’s just your word verses theirs. They may walk away with no conviction.

Not reacting correctly to a stalker can leave you in a very dangerous situation. Confronting them yourself is often not the wisest idea. They may either deny they are following or harassing you, or things may turn violent.




We can provide video or photographic footage of your potential stalker. We are able to stay watch over your home or place of business and discreetly get evidence that you may require for court.

We do recommend in all cases of stalking that you do call the police first and foremost. Your safety is paramount. Queensland Legal Aid have some great advise on stalking that we recommend you have a look at before considering hiring private investigator.

*NOTE – Paradise Investigations and its agents can only provide general advice and are not in a position to provide legal advice, nor do we ever provide legal advice. Please contact your local legal experts, courts or police for information and to see if hiring a private investigator is right for you.

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