Logan Private Investigator

Paradise Investigations is the best choice for investigation needs in the Logan City and Logan surrounding area.

Beautiful Logan City sits between the city of Brisbane to the north and the Gold Coast to the south. It also borders the Redlands and City of Ipswich on either side.

Being situated in South East Queensland, Paradise Investigations is perfectly placed with our expert local knowledge.


We are surveillance experts and can help you to get answers relating to family or legal issues.

If you believe your ex or current partner is playing the pokies when they claim they aren’t or are broke, we can help provide proof. Missing child support? We can help locate your ex. Suspicious that your partner is cheating? We can find out. Stalker making you fearful for your life and the Police can’t help? We can help.

Where is your teenager at night? Are they making it to school or skipping? Are they underage drinking and using drugs? We can get the photographic or video evidence to help put your mind at ease.


If you are in the Logan City area and are considering hiring a private investigator, we can help. It costs a lot less to hire a P.I. than you might think.

Check out the Paradise Investigations Blog for more information on private investigation. We also have a FAQ that can help with some honest answers.

Contact us now for your Logan investigation and surveillance needs.

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