Do I need to hire a Private Investigator and what do you do?

At this point your probably already considering  hiring a PI. The reasons may be varied and every persons situation is different. A private investigator doesn’t have any special legal permissions or perks that a member of the public doesn’t already have. We operate within the same legal system bound by all members of the public despite what some “Private Eye’s” may lead you to believe. What a good PI can offer is confidence that you have selected someone who is fully licensed by the government. They have obtained these licences by being fully certified in investigative services by a government approved registered training organisation. They have the skills and knowledge to operate in the investigation field at a higher level than a regular member of the public. On top of this, they have invested in the equipment and technology to perform their job to the highest standard. A PI also has the time you may not have to get the job completed.

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Why choose Paradise Investigations?

Hiring a Private Investigator is a big decision for most people and there is a multitude of companies to choose from in every town. Some are large agencies and some are small one person operations. There are pros and cons to both. Let’s be honest, most people looking for a private investigator are not doing so because everything is going perfect in their life. We understand this and don’t wish to add more stress to your situation

Paradise Investigations offers the following:

We are an honest and ethical company.

We are a local small business with expert local knowledge of the South East QLD and Northern NSW regions.

We are fully licensed to work in QLD and NSW with contacts all over the country. Please ask to see our licences as we are happy to provide these to you.

We are competitively priced. We will work within a budget that works for you and all pricing will be laid out clearly beforehand.

We use latest technology and can offer a full online experience with a non physical paper trail if needed. We are happy to work with you face to face, over the phone or via email or other digital options. We will work with you the way YOU want to work with us.

We can come and meet you wherever suits you best. We are just as happy to discuss your needs over a coffee and a chat as we are in your home, office or via online video.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

This is the hardest question to answer. There is so many variables that come into play. For surveillance work we generally work on a hourly rate basis. For bigger and more complex cases, we can work out a total budget to work within that suits you.

We offer a 100% free consultation / quote to discuss your investigation needs with zero obligation or pressure to go ahead with us. We will be upfront with all costs and at any time during the investigation we feel its going to take longer or that more time will be needed we will contact you for permission first. We never go ahead with work without your permission.

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Do you guarantee your work?

We can not offer a 100% guarantee for our work. The amount of factors that go into every case makes it impossible to predict that we will be able to complete to your satisfaction every time. What we can offer is that we will be 100% forthcoming and honest with you along the way and keep you updated as much or little as you need. Honesty is the best policy and pretending that we will always get the job done 100% of the time is not reasonable. There are too many factors at play in the investigations field and we are unable to offer money back after work has been completed and carried out regardless of the results.

How do I make payment?

Bank deposit
Credit and debit cards (in person, online or over the phone)
Apple Pay
Google Pay