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A sad fact of life is that people do cheat on their partners. We don’t like to think it will happen to us and we assume that our relationship is “different”. According to a Relationships Australia survey, one in four Australians reported they had been in a relationship where a partner had cheated on them. This is just reported, imagine the number of people that don’t ever find out!

This is a huge number when you consider that around a quarter of all relationships suffer from some form on infidelity. The impact can be even more earth shattering when you bring children into the relationship. This is something no one wants to admit to possibly happening, some people will ignore the warning signs of a cheater just to keep a relationship together for the kids or to keep peace.

People entering new relationships also should be aware of who they are dating and if they are being faithful and honest from the start.


There is no hard fast signs of a cheater. The best rule of thumb is gut instinct. If things don’t seem right, then things may not be right. The statistics back up that the chance is high your partner might be cheating.

Some signs could be –

  • Calling you by the wrong name
  • Over complementing you
  • Going out more often and at random times, out of character
  • Acting distant around you
  • Accusing you of cheating
  • Taking a mobile phone with them around the house (bathroom, shower, etc.)
  • Suddenly placing passwords or biometric locks on laptops, phones, tablets
  • More frequent online messaging
  • Staying up later after you have gone to bed
  • Staying back after work later than usual
  • Withdrawing cash from joint accounts to make purchases
  • Sudden interest in personal appearance and grooming

The days of lipstick on the collar or smelling of the opposite sexes perfume or cologne are not guaranteed signs of a cheater. In a modern digital age of smart phones, adult dating apps, social media and the ability to lock these away behind passwords and fingerprints, it has made it harder for a person to figure out what their significant other is doing, and easier for a person to cheat. A cheater can meet, send photos, make plans to meet, and form a relationship with another person right out of the palm of their hands.


Technology has changed many things in the modern world. One thing that technology doesn’t change is that a cheater will still need to meet up with the person they have formed a relationship with. Private Investigation in its current form has been around for over 100 years. Technology has changed the face of the industry in so many ways. But you still require a P.I. to physically sit in a car, follow a subject and get that all important photograph as they did many years ago. These days, we can get those photos and have them emailed or instant messaged to the other side of the world only seconds after they have been taken. Our video quality is now outstanding, and the digital age has brought us cameras that take incredible clear photos and videos with almost unlimited storage space via memory cards and cloud based services.

This is good news for you!

Here is a video showing some of our surveillance capabilities.


If you are on our website and looking for information regarding a cheating partner, then things are probably not good. Let’s lay out what we can do for you, nice and simple and no BS!

If you suspect your partner is cheating, then we can conduct surveillance on them. You don’t need to feel guilty or bad about wanting to do this. It just may save your relationship or save you from heartbreak years down the track.

We are able to follow them discreetly and keep watch to see what they are doing when they are away from you. We can document anything that is suspicious or even the moment they meet with that other person. We are able to get photo or video evidence of this for you.

It’s really that simple. The more information you give us will also help to keep the investigation quick and the costs down. It won’t cost as much as you may think to hire a private investigator for surveillance. Check out our blog regarding keeping costs down.

We can also utilise social media in ways you won’t know yourself to try to get some extra information. A person’s digital trail can be long and very informative.


Contact us at Paradise Investigations.

We are very discreet and will keep your privacy at an absolute priority. We can meet where ever suits you, we can keep it to over the phone, via email or you can just instant message us via messenger or txt. What ever works for you and brings less stress to the situation. We are here to work for you in what ever way is best.

The best thing that can happen is that your fears were unfounded and you can move on to happiness and relief. The worst thing that can happen is that you were correct in your suspicions and you can move on to the next stage of your life, not constantly questioning and worrying.

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