On The Fence About Hiring A Private Investigator?

It’s Time To Jump Over The Fence!

Google data shows many people are using search engines to find a private investigator and their services. These searches often don’t translate into people hiring a P.I for various reasons. Research conducted has shown the two main reasons people don’t pull the trigger are,

  1. Nervousness and being afraid to call and “go through with it”.
  2. Cost. A straight up concern that it’s going to be too expensive.

A good investigations firm should be able to remedy these two issues.

Point 1. They should offer multiple ways for you to contact them. Let’s face it, it’s 2019. A lot of people don’t like to have phone calls with strangers. Especially when dealing with something like hiring a P.I to watch over a potential cheating partner. When searching for a private investigator on search engines like Bing and Google, have a good look through the first few pages and check out some of the smaller firms that don’t pop up straight away. Spend some time looking over their website and seeing if it seems up to date. See if they seem passionate about what they are doing and see if they offer ways to contact them that works for you. A good investigator will offer phone, text message, email, messenger, etc. Find someone who offers what you need and feel comfortable in using. A one man private investigator can offer just as many options as a larger agency and can even be more competitive in price. Which brings us to….

Point 2. Cost. The other big one! Hiring a private investigator does cost money. But it’s often not as much as you expect. A good investigator will work with you to provide a good packaged price for a longer job as well as offering hourly rates for smaller jobs. If the larger firm with the big flashy ads and website seems like too much, call around. Often a smaller investigator agency or one man show can offer a more competitive rate. For smaller jobs, it may be just what you are looking for.

Its time to get off the fence

Seeking Information Can’t Hurt

I hope this brief blog on the two main issues stopping people from making contact with a private investigator has helped. In the age of the internet the power is in your hands as a customer. Contact as many places as needed. Find someone you are comfortable with. Don’t rush the process. Then, make that jump off the fence and into a world where you get the answers you require.


Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.




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