Cheaters! It Could Happen To You…

Don’t Think You May Be The Victim Of A Cheating Partner?

Everyone thinks about about it, no one will admit they do. Everybody does have concerns about a partner that may be cheating. At some point in almost all relationships the behaviour of a partner may suddenly seem a little different or a schedule may suddenly change. We often jump to terrible conclusions in our head.

Is my partner having an affair?

What have I done wrong?

Has the spark gone and my partner is looking elsewhere?

These are all natural things to worry about and just because something seems to have changed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a partner being unfaithful. People can drive themselves crazy in their head trying to figure out if something is up and this can lead to an irrational decision to confront a partner with no actual proof other than a hunch. This alone could kill the relationship if in fact the partner was not cheating.

Argument Infidelity


A Private Investigator Could Save Your Relationship

Before you jump in and start accusing your partner of being unfaithful, it might be best to get some actual proof. This will help in many ways.

First, you can save all the stress of wondering when it turns out your partner is in fact being faithful. Mind at ease!

Second, you can save the confrontation with your partner when in fact you may have been wrong in your suspicions. This alone may save the relationship and stop you looking like you have trust issues or are paranoid. Imagine how your partner may feel knowing you didn’t trust them?

Third, if you do in fact have proof, you can confidently confront your partner knowing you are in the right.

What Will A P.I. Do?

A private investigator can get photo or video evidence of your partners actions. It’s an open and closed case if they are cheating and you have that proof.

More and more people are using P.I. services for infidelity. You don’t need to feel like you are doing something wrong by hiring someone. It’s the single thing that may save a marriage or new relationship. If you have concerns, then contact a local private investigator in your area.


Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.


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