Stalking, Stalkers & How To Stop It

Have you ever had to deal with a stalker?

The basic definition of a stalker is “an unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group towards another person”. It’s usually a little more complicated than that. Stalking is more often than not where a person is following someone to see what they are doing, who they are seeing, and where they are going. The reasons for this can be many, some reasons may be –

  • A rejected person in love, where feelings only go one way.
  • A resentful person who bares a grievance.
  • An intimacy seeker who wants to form a relationship.
  • Predatory stalkers who wish to cause physical and metal harm.
  • Jealous ex partners who wish to see what their ex is doing
  • Perverts who get a thrill out of watching people.

This is just the tip of a large iceberg. Either way, the feeling that a person is watching through your windows, surveilling your home and work place, following you when you are out and about, going through your mail and bins, and any other number of reasons is horrible. It’s a huge invasion of privacy and can cause massive amounts of stress and fear. Often stalking can turn violent and dangerous. Some stalkers love to play mental mind games.


Some studies claim that stalking is a mental disorder. Others claim that it’s a behaviour and not a mental disorder. Either way stalking is defined as repeated and persistent unwanted communication or approaches, that produces fear in the victim.



According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 7.8% of men and 19% of women in Australia aged 18 and over had experienced a episode of stalking in their life. Women are more likely to be a victims of stalking and 94% of their stalkers were reported as being men. With the digital age of computers and online social media hang outs like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, these statistics are sure to rise even higher as stalking takes on an even more sinister online style. It’s not hard to google someones name and find a lot of information about them.


First and foremost. If you believe you have a stalking issue , feel threatened or in danger, call the Police. Never leave it to chance.

A private investigator comes in at the next step. If you take someone to court over claims of stalking, you will need evidence. Your word verses someone else won’t help. Your stalker may walk away free.

A private investigator can help get that evidence. They are able to conduct surveillance on yourself,  home, workplace, or where ever is required. They will be able to get some video and photographic footage of your potential stalker. If this is on a consistent basis it may provide the evidence in court to back up your claims. This may make dealing with your stalker in a legal setting much easier, quicker and less stressful.*

*NOTE – This is only general advice and I am not in a position to provide legal advice, nor do I ever provide legal advice. Please contact your local legal experts, courts or police for information relating to using or hiring a private investigator.



If you are a victim of stalking, today is the day to take your life back. There is a huge amount of information on google relating to stalking. Gather what information you need and have a look at your next steps. Don’t be a victim any longer.

Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.

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