Behaving on Bucks & Hens Nights

What’s happening on my partner’s bucks or hens night?

Nothing can cause more worry leading up to a wedding that the fear of a bucks or hens night. Also known as bachelor party, stag do, bachelorette party or hen do, they are a soon to be bride or groom’s last night to let their hair down, before they tie the knot.

Notorious for excessive drinking and drug use as well as trips to strip clubs. Things often can get out of hand. Many a marriage has false started due to a bride or groom making a mistake in the arms of an exotic dancer, or even a stranger. Some would wonder why risk it at all when the night has become famous for drinking as much as possible, and going as crazy as you can.

In truth most of these nights end up fine and with no issues. The problem for most couples is not that a partner is going to cheat, but that they say they won’t be going to certain places when they in fact do. A fiancé may have promised to stay away from an adult entertainment club due to their partner’s wishes. It can really risk starting a marriage off on the wrong foot when the inevitable pictures turn up on social media. This can cause instant distrust for a couple and is not good.



It is becoming more and more common for people about to jump into a lifelong commitment to hire a private investigator to keep watch on a bucks or hens night. It’s a great way to make sure your partner is where they say they are, and are in fact staying faithful.  Nobody wants to find out via a social media post that their partner was in the arms of another person, or even worse, it coming out many years later.

A P.I. can follow your partner on their party night and keep tabs on what they are up to. They can also provide that all important proof if something does in fact happen, or the party ends up at a late night adult establishment when there was promises it wouldn’t.

You will know if your partner has cheated and if they are lying to you about it. Investigators work these types of cases all the time.

It may just be worth that piece of mind for you. Knowing that your partners final hurrah was what they claimed it is. You will know the person you are about to marry is trustworthy and good on their word.

Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.



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