Schoolies And The Private Investigator

Sending your teenager to Schoolies week can be a double edge sword for any parent. The excitement of your child finishing school can quickly turn to concern when it’s time to drop them off at their hotel. For those who don’t know what Schoolies week is, it’s an end of high school celebration for Australian teenagers who are finishing grade 12. Originally known as “school leavers week”, it is for many considered a right of passage to adulthood. It involves a week away with your friends, no parents, and a non stop party. These parties are often in cities away from their own. They are mostly in party hot spots like the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise. There is also an ever increasing option to head overseas to places like Thailand and Bali.

Schoolies Week Revelers – Photo courtesy of Constable Care Child Safety Foundation

What makes this a concern for many parents is that the majority of teenagers are often only 17 at the time. This is state dependent on what age high school leavers are. Most high school graduates in the state of Queensland are only 17, whereas students from New South Wales are often 18.

The concern for a parent is leaving their 17 year old alone and unsupervised for a week. Schoolies week is notorious for its underage drinking, drugs and dangerous behavior. In 2018 just on the Gold Coast, almost one hundred teenagers were arrested, mostly for drug related offenses. Another almost 500 kids needed to seek help from a specialist treatment centre for all ranges of issues relating to alcohol and drugs. The week is also notorious for dangerous acts like the infamous “balcony hopping” where teenagers climb out of their high rise balconies and walk across ledges to gain access to different balconies. The rise in deaths relating to falls from high rise balconies is troubling.

Another big fear for parents is the deposits they must put down for any damages that occur in hotel rooms. Many parties get out of control, with some apartments totally destroyed which ends up costing parents tens of thousands of dollars.

If you are a parent and concerned about sending your child away to Schoolies then you may be able to relieve some of that stress by hiring a Private Investigator. Many concerned parents are doing this in a bid to help protect their child’s future. By having someone being there to be able to keep tabs on your teenager, it can help a parent keep some control from their child making a stupid mistake that could affect their future career or life prospects. No parent would want their child’s future university or travel plans affected by a drug charge or a drunken arrest in a moment of stupidity.

Parents are increasingly hiring adjacent hotel rooms for surveillance of their child’s balcony and rooms. It’s not just an act of  “spying” on a child, but a great way to have documented evidence if a party gets out of control and an innocent teenager gets the blame for damage they did not cause to the room.

The extra protection and piece of mind that hiring a Private Investigator brings can really help parents feel more confident in leaving their teenager unsupervised for the week. Parents only ever want the best for their children and they should never feel guilty about this. You wouldn’t want to let one week to ruin all the good work done over the previous 13 years. If you have never considered this option, then it might be just right for you and your family.

Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.

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