Fly Me To The Moon – Is My Partner Cheating?

In the 1964 recording of “Fly Me To The Moon”, Frank Sinatra sung the lyrics:

“In other words: hold my hand
In other words: baby, kiss me”

Although sung as a timeless love song, we fast forward to the modern day. We wonder if the person singing “hold my hand” and “kiss me” is doing so to the person they promised to love for all time, or to another, while that other person is home with no clue as to what is going on.

Questions like “Is my husband having an affair?” and “Is my wife cheating?” will each present millions of search results when typed into a search engine like Google and Bing. Searching for information about infidelity will also produce hundreds of thousands of articles showing all number of statistics relating to how many people cheat and who is most likely to cheat. Without bogging you down with a lot of boring numbers and graphs, the most telling statistic is that in a recent Relationships Australia survey around 25% of people stated they had been in a relationship where their partner had an affair. From this, they also found that a person who is unfaithful in one relationship are three times more likely to be unfaithful in their next relationship, compared to those who have not been unfaithful in the first one! They also found that people who were middled aged are more likely to be cheaters and that affluent people even more likely to cheat on their partner!

Getting back to Frank Sinatra, he was a man notorious for his famous and not so famous love affairs through out the years. Looking back to that era, it is almost viewed as glamorous and part of the flamboyant Hollywood lifestyle and culture. Sadly, the results in the real word are far from glamorous and destroy families and peoples lives.

Frank Sinatra was famous for his love affairs on and off screen!

Questions about whether your partner is cheating or whether or not they are being honest with you can really tear at a person and they will spend their day worrying about what is happening with their relationship. When you add in children, the results can be even more heartbreaking. The added stress of wondering if you are a victim of infidelity can make life unbearable. Some people would prefer not to know for the sake of “keeping the family together”. This is a personal choice and people stay in these relationships all the time for what ever reasons.

The question for those wondering if they have an unfaithful partner is often “What can I do about it?” People often turn to private investigators to find out what their partner is doing behind their back. This can be a good way to get the answers you are looking for and put your mind at ease. People may use a private investigator when they are ready to make the leap into starting a family. They want to make sure their partner is the trustworthy person they claim they are. People starting new relationships who are head over heals with their new partner may also want to make sure their new partner really is who they say they are. Parents who want to walk away from a relationship where they believe their partner is being unfaithful may want documented footage or photos of a cheating partner for any potential custody battles that may arise. There is a multitude of reasons why you may want to hire a private investigator to help your relationship and you need to weigh up whether it’s the right decision for you. In the real world, it’s not as beautiful as a Frank Sinatra song when you are the one on the other side of the cheater.

A private investigator has the tools to get those all important shots to put your mind at ease. Below are some photos we have taken to show the capabilities of what a P.I. with a good camera can do. A private investigator may not be able to fly you to the moon, but we could sure catch a cheating partner if they were having an affair behind your back on the moon!

A good P.I could almost fly you to the moon! 

If you feel you have had enough and need answers, then contact a private investigator and have a chat. Its’ a lot less like a Hollywood movie where you will be having a  conversation down a dark alley at night and much more like a friendly chat over the phone or having a coffee at a cafe. It may just be the best thing you do to relieve the stress in your life. With almost a quater of all relationships falling victim to infidelity at some point, the odds show that if you have a reason to believe something is up, then something may very well be up.

Marc Pikrt is a Licensed Private Investigator and runs the Gold Coast based Paradise Investigations.

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